A downloadable game for Windows, macOS, and Linux


there is my game a hard game that will make u cry of rage!!!

You in this game will be HYROSH,you is so under in drugs effect and you is walkin like a racing car!

Now you need avoid the yellow Kankais the red Psychos the blue Guardians the green Ass Bounds and defeat the king of swag!

I Hope you like,if have as many plays that I want will have a sequence and I'll realese a side-scrolling game

Hyrosh Mouse Version comming January 28

and I develop all mine games in Multimedia Fusion 2 Developer!

Thanks and goodbye


Install instructions

Download the game and will turn the setup,is easy do not have mistery!

Use the arrows to control and the space to shoot(in some levels)

I Hope u like!


Hyrosh - The Impossible Game.exe 3 MB